Kirby Air Ride
Kirby Air Ride
Vital statistics
Type Video Game
Effects 3D Racing
Source Nintendo
HAL Laboratory
Cost to buy $19.99
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Kirby Air Ride is a racing 3-D game that was released for the Nintendo GameCube in 2003, though was originaly supposed to be on the Nintendo 64. There are four modes: Air Ride, Top Ride, City Trial, and Free Run (within City Trial). Each mode is unique. Kirby Air Ride only uses the A Button and Control stick. The "L" and "R" buttons can be used as a substitute for the "A" Button


This game was going to be a game on the Nintendo 64, but that idea was scrapped early in the making. The makers then made it for the Nintendo Gamecube. The game was finally released in 2003.


The intro starts off with two Broom Hatters racing next to Kirby on his Warpstar. Kirby then swallows a Heat Phanphan and throws some fire. A few clips from the real game are shown. Later, two Sword Knights are shown racing towards him. With Kirby's Sword, he slashes at the Knights, knocking them away. Meta Knight is then shown charging at Kirby after Kirby flies off a ledge. After a few more clips, Pink, Red, Yellow, and Blue Kirbies are shown racing.


Kirby Air Ride is a 3-D racing game. It features Air Ride, a 3-D racing mode, Top Ride, a 2-D miniature racing game, and City Trial, where you have to collect power-ups and other items to compete in a Stadium.

Other than Pink, Blue, Yellow, and Red Kirby, you can unlock other Kirbies with different colors and different characters; by getting certain checks on the checklists. Playing is simple, since you only need to use the control stick and "A". Meta Knight and King Dedede also make an appearance as unlockable characters. Both of them have a unique charge meter. If either of them lose all their health, they cannot get on top another vehicle. Instead, they must "crawl" on the ground helplessly.

Machine Abilities and Power-ups Edit

  • Top Speed: Top Speed is the highest speed a machine goes without stopping. The higher the top speed rating is, the faster the machine will go. It is essential to have this on relatively straight courses such as Drag Races and Nebula Belt.
  • Boost: Boost basically acceleration in-game. Boost is the time it takes for a vehicle to reach its top speed. The higher the acceleration, the less time it takes for the machine to reach its top speed. It seems increasing boost increases too speed given when releasing a charge.
  • Offense: Offense is the amount of damage the player can do to an opponent. The higher the offense rating, the more damage the player can take out. Offensive power is disregarded when Air Ride races don't have HP bars.
  • Defense: Defense is decreasing the amount of offensive power added to the vehicle. The higher the defense, the less damage the machine will take from enemy attacks. Defense is disregarded on matches where there are no health bars in it.
  • Charge: Charge is the amount of time it takes to fill up the Boost Gauge. The more Charge power the vehicle has, the faster the Boost Gauge fills up for a boost.
  • Turn: Turn is how efficiently a vehicle can turn. The more turning ability the machine has, the faster and tighter the turns it can handle.
  • Gliding: This is the amount of time the vehicle stays in the air. The more flight the machine has, the farther the machine flies.
  • Weight: Weight is the amount of bulk the vehicles have. The more weight a vehicle has, the more skidding the vehicle has. Weight can also lower the flight time a machine has.
  • HP: HP is how many hits the machine can take before getting destroyed, shown by the Damage Bar on the right part of the screen. On Air Ride matches with the Damage Gauge turned off, there is no Damage Gauge to represent how many hits a vehicle can take before getting destroyed.

Playable Characters Edit

Image Character Ability/Weapon Description
Kirby Kirby Kirby can inhale and swallow objects and enemies, and copy his opponents' abilities. Kirby can also float. Kirby is ready for his new racing game! Kirby is a great choice for beginners, and also the main character, of course. You can play as different colored Kirbies.
MetaKnight Meta Knight Meta Knight can use his Sword to attack his opponents, he can make various moves with it, such as launching fire blasts and making tornadoes. He can fly thanks to his wings, and can also teleport Meta Knight is once again with Kirby in this racing game. Meta Knight has various abilities, and can teleport from side to side. He's very tricky, and a good choice for experienced players. Unlike any other character, Meta Knight himself is the Air Ride Machine. You can play as different colored Meta Knights.
KingDedede King Dedede King Dedede uses his giant Hammer to smash enemies and also push other players to make them gain some velocity. King Dedede rides a Wheelie Bike. King Dedede is also in the racing game with Kirby. King Dedede is the strongest character, and uses his giant Hammer as weapon and ability. He, however, is one of the slowest Characters/Air Ride Machines. You can play as different colored King Dededes.

Note that the player can play in different colored King Dededes and Meta Knights as well as Kirbys. The King Dededes and Meta Knights will still get represented by the Kirby's color, for example, the second player's Meta Knight is green, but the background in the select screen is yellow.

Modes Edit

Below are the three modes the player can choose while playing this game.

Name Description
Air Ride In Air Ride, players may choose a vehicle and race in 8 different courses, with a set amount of opposing racers the player may wish to choose. The player can not race alone. At first, the only option is the Warp Star, but as the player progresses, more machines will be available for use. The player may also wish to race in Time Attack, which is basically a race against time with as many laps as the player wishes, or Free Run, which a race against his/her best time.
Top Ride Players in Top Ride mode will race in an overhead 2D environment, with the same controls as Air Ride mode with the exception of gliding. Players must choose only Kirby and an option of two stars to use: the Free Star and the Steer Star in 7 courses. The player may also wish to either race against other players or race against time or himself/herself.
City Trial Players in this mode wander around in a large city with many different environments, to collect patches to power-up his/her machine to compete in the Stadiums after the time ends. The player has an option to abandon his/her machine if he/she wishes. Stadium is also an option to compete in as a mode in this mode. Free Run is just a wander around the city, with no time limits and unlimited machine use.

Kirby: Air Ride MachinesEdit

Air Ride Machines available in only Air Ride and City Trial modesEdit

  • Warp Star
  • Slick Star
  • Winged Star
  • Formula Star
  • Shadow Star
  • Swerve Star
  • Rocket Star
  • Wagon Star
  • Turbo Star
  • Jet Star
  • Bulk Star
  • Wheelie Bike
  • Wheelie Scooter
  • Rex Wheelie

Top Ride exclusive MachinesEdit

  • Free Star
  • Steer Star

City Trial exclusive MachinesEdit

  • Dragoon
  • Hydra
  • Flight Warp Star
  • Compact Star


  • Balloon Bomber
  • Bronto Burt
  • Broom Hatter
  • Caller
  • Cappy
  • Chilly
  • Dale
  • Flappy
  • Gordo
  • Heat Phanphan
  • Noddy
  • Pichikuri
  • Plasma Wisp
  • Scarfy
  • Sword Knight
  • Walky
  • Waddle Dee
  • Wheelie

Courses in Air Ride Mode Edit

  • Fantasy Meadows
  • Celestial Valley
  • Sky Sands
  • Frozen Hillside
  • Magma Flows
  • Beanstalk Park
  • Machine Passage
  • Checker Knights
  • Nebula Belt (needs to be unlocked)

Courses in Top Ride Mode Edit

  • Grass
  • Sand
  • Sky
  • Fire
  • Light
  • Water
  • Metal

City Trial Stadiums Edit

  • Drag Race 1
  • Drag Race 2
  • Drag Race 3
  • Drag Race 4
  • Destruction Derby 1
  • Destruction Derby 2
  • Destruction Derby 3
  • Destruction Derby 4
  • Destruction Derby 5
  • Air Glider
  • High Jump
  • Target Flight
  • Single Race
  • Kirby Melee 1
  • Kirby Melee 2
  • Vs King Dedede

Copy AbilitiesEdit

Image Name Helper Description Notes In-Game Icon
Bomb (Artwork) Bomb Poppy Bros. Jr. Allows Kirby to throw bombs or set one down, which explode either after a short time or when it touches an enemy. None Bomb (Icon)
Fire Kirby KDL3D Fire Heat Phanphan (Galbo or Hot Head sometimes) Allows Kirby to shoot fire breath, burning any enemies within its distance and letting him light the fuses of cannons. Fire Kirby can light the fuses of cannons, a trait it shares with Jet, Hammer, Lava and Burning. Fire (Icon)
Freeze Kirby KDL3D Final Freeze Chilly Allows Kirby to create a cold force field around him that freezes enemies. Freeze Kirby can turn enemies into Ice Cubes and kick them, just like Ice Kirby. However, unlike the Ice ability, Freeze Kirby can also do this underwater, but it replaces the ability of spitting water. Freeze Icon KDL3D
Needle Kirby KDL3D Needle Needlous Lets Kirby extend pointy spikes from his body that protects him from incoming attacks. Kirby can't move while extending his spikes. Needle icon
PlasmaKirby Plasma Plasma Wisp Plasma is a Copy Ability where you can use Green electricity to electrocute your foes! Plasma and Spark are physically the same, due to both focusing on using electricity as a weapon and they both have similar movesets. PlasmaIcon
Swordability Sword Sword Knight Wielding a sword, Kirby can slash at his enemies even underwater. Sword Kirby can cut ropes and use his sword underwater. Sword (Icon)
Tornado Kirby KDL3D Tornado Caller Enables Kirby to temporarily turn into an invincible tornado, which can hover and harms all enemies it touches. Kirby is totally invincible while turning into and tornado and flying around, even to Bosses and Mid-Bosses. Tornado icon
Wheel Kirby 3D Wheel Wheelie Turns Kirby into a tire, where he can ride through terrain, hurting any enemy in his path. Wheel Kirby transforms completely into a Wheel, like Stone Kirby transforms into a stone. Wheel Icon KDL3D
Wing Kirby KDL3D Wing Flappy (Birdon sometimes) Allows Kirby to perform one of several winged attacks, such as shooting feathers and spread his wings to fly. None Wing icon
Mikekirby Mike None (3 uses only) Lets Kirby sing his favorite song and defeats all enemies on screen. Can be used three times. Acts similar to crash, but can be used three times, each time more powerful than the last. Mike (Icon)
SleepKirby Sleep None (1 use only) Puts Kirby to sleep for a few seconds, keeping him from moving and leaving him defenseless. However, it can also heal HP. Kirby is vulnerable to any attack while sleeping, although he slightly recovers his health. Sleep icon