Welcome to the Kirby Air Ride Wiki!

Welcome to the Kirby Air Ride wiki. We have everything about Kirby Air Ride machines, characters, and courses! We hope you find our wiki useful!

About the Kirby Air Ride wiki

The Kirby Air Ride Wiki has everything about Kirby Air Ride! That includes the machines, courses, checklists, characters, and stadiums! Feel free to edit and improve the Kirby Air Ride wiki. Remember, please do NOT use words that describe people by the way they act inappropitately like "gay", "hobo", and anything with racial intentions. And DO NOT, and I mean DO NOT use bad words. If you want to learn more about using bad words, please see here.

-- DG 808, creator of the Kirby Air Ride wiki

Current Activity

I am currently making pictures for the KAR wiki, making the air ride machine articles, and looking for friends who want to help.

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