"Charge all the way then get a super boost!"

Rocket Star's Flavor Text, Kirby Air Ride

Rocket Star
Availability Air Ride, City Trial
How to Unlock Free Run: Finish 1 lap in under 01:05:00
Stat Emphasis excels at Boost, poor turning
Classification Air Machine
Course Unlocked at Machine Passage


The Rocket Star is part of the "high-tech" family of air machines. It has a fuel tank in the back of it that grows as the player charges its power, and a gauge on the star itself, showing the current level of charging. It has a decent gliding stat, but the rest of its stats are either poor or average.


[1] 61
[2] 47
[3] 49
[4] 57
[5] 53
[6] 51
[7] 100
[8] 51
[9] 64

In other gamesEdit

The Rocket Star has made an appearance in Kirby Canvas Curse as one of Paint Roller's paintings. The jacket was drawn first, then the orb.

In the AnimeEdit

The Rocket Star has appeared in Kirby: Right Back at Ya! as one of the Air Rider's machines. After Kirby used up all of its energy, it exploded, and he used another Air Rider Star.


  • There is a zipper on the Rocket Star, as shown in the picture above.