Great for cruising and gliding. No real flaws.

-- Kirby Air Ride's Warp Star Flavor Text

Warp Star
Availability Air Ride, City Trial
How to Unlock Starter Machine
Stat Emphasis Balanced (Best in turning and gliding areas)
Classification Air Machine
Course Unlocked at --


  • In Air Ride, it is the first machine you can use.
  • In City Trial, you must find it and jump on it.
  • When charging, it will not stop completely. It will slow down a little and still slide.
  • It is best at turning and gliding.


Heart 50

Offense 45

Charge 55

Defense 45

Turn 60

TP 55

Dash 55

Weight 40

Glide 60


  • Best in turning and gliding skills. Overall balanced. It has no real flaws.